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Learning a language is the best release to another culture. It is a particularly powerful tool in today’s world where traditional limitations, both social and geographical are being reduced by new interaction strategies. Learning Serbian provides a vivid and powerful perspective of Serbia beyond the educational setting and first-hand experience of its wealth of culture and linguistic heritage. Serbian vocabulary range and speaking skills can open doors to a variety of job opportunities in areas of finance, diplomacy, travel, law, media, education, medicine, literature, translating and interpreting. Whether your focus is to read and write professional documents, make presentations using specific terminology, or gain confidence and fluency in different professional and social situations, we will work with you to design a programme that fulfills your needs.


We offer intensive and extensive courses of Serbian at the beginner and intermediate levels for small groups custom tailored to cater your needs based on initial needs analysis and diagnostic test. The courses introduce both the spoken and the written language, with conversational proficiency as the primary goal. They emphasize oral expression and listening comprehension, and are designed to give you a practical command of the language.

Throughout the years, we have built up our experience in teaching foreign languages, developing specific programmes and methods of learning. Our students are immediately introduced to topics which they will be able to put to use even after their very first lesson. Our courses are unique because not only do they involve language studying, but they also provide information about important segments of Serbian culture and lifestyle.

Intensive courses last three months at the rate of two 90’ lessons per week, and have flexible time planning, while extensive courses are delivered in the time frame of the school semester.

We also offer special package deals for companies and are open to long-standing staff training agreements.

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