The University head office is located in the northern part of Kosovska Mitrovica, and is comprised of ten faculties. The university is attended by approximately 10,500 students. After the NATO bombardment, the head office was forced to relocate from Priština to various cities in central Serbia. In 2001, the Serbian government decided to reinstate it in the northern part of Kosovo and Metohija. Most of the faculties and the rectorate are in the northern part of Kosovska Mitrovica, where the Faculty of Philosophy is also based. Owing to the invaluable help of the Republic of Serbia, the diligence and care of university delegates and the citizens of Kosovo and Metohija, the university found fresh support and strength in the new environment, continuing its academic and scientific, educational, national and cultural mission. In a relatively short time, favorable conditions were created for the life, accommodation, academic and extracurricular activities of students. Five halls of residence were built, along with a modern, fully equipped dining hall and facilities for sports and recreation.

The university has a library and a health centre. The students can participate in a variety of associations and activities. Like the students of other universities in the Republic of Serbia, they are entitled to health care services, student loans, grants and other benefits. The university education is acquired in accordance with the laws of Serbia and the principles of modern academic education. Owing to its academic and scientific activities and achievements, interuniversity and international cooperation, the university has become a respected university in Serbia and a partner to universities of the region and of Europe.


Faculty of Philosophy

The Faculty of Philosophy in Kosovska Mitrovica is the oldest institution of higher education in Kosovo and Metohija. It was founded in 1960 in Priština, upon the establishment of the faculty administration as part of the University of Belgrade. The faculty began work with six divisions: Serbo-Croatian language and literature, Albanian language and literature, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics. Two years later, the divisions for General and National History, Pedagogy and Geography were also formed. In the academic year of 1970/71, the divisions for French language and literature, Yugoslavian literature and English language began their work. The foundation, the work commencement and the development of the faculty were of key importance for the development of the school system, science, education and economy not only in Kosovo and Metohija but also in the Republic of Serbia and neighbouring republics. Owing to strong economic, social and cultural development, several research departments evolved into independent faculties. Accordingly, the Faculty of Sciences and Mathematics was founded during the academic year of 1971/72, whereas the Faculty of Philology was founded in 1989.

The Faculty of Philosophy gained a modern and fully equipped facility in the centre of Priština, along with favourable conditions for academic and scientific work. Since its formation and to this day, the faculty has employed and helped establish lecturers from the universities of Belgrade, Niš, Novi Sad and Skoplje. This tendency has greatly contributed to the openness of the faculty, the exchange of experience and an overall increase of the quality of academic and scientific work. The faculty constantly takes care of its young researchers and it produced dozens of Masters of Arts and Doctors of Philosophy, many of whom are today known academics and lecturers in the Republic of Serbia and other countries. The Faculty of Philosophy is attended not only by students from all parts of Serbia, but also by students from Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Croatia, Greece and Bulgaria.

Upon the return of the university to Kosovska Mitrovica in 2001, the Faculty of Philosophy and the Faculty of Philology united into the Faculty of Philosophy located in Kosovska Mitrovica. Its academic and research activities have since been concentrated in the newly-built and fully equipped facility in the immediate vicinity of the rectorate and at the centre of a number of faculties of the University. The faculty is equipped with modern teaching technology, including the library with over 30,000 titles and the reading room, a computer science lab, specialized language learning classrooms, wireless networks, a 100 seat amphitheatre and the Student Parliament’s office.